14 thoughts on “thinking

  1. hi, annie!
    i know exactly what you mean about different people…some very nice, some not so nice and some…well….some really really nasty ones as well…
    i should know….i spent more than half my life helping various people, but what did i get in return? a kick up my butt, thats what!
    but thats just me…i always feel like helping everyone…!
    fantastic photo here anyway, annie…deep in thought, eh?

    • thank you so much. it means a lot when i get compliments. but i’m glad to know i’m not alone 😛 yes overtime i learned to weed out the people who just bring negativity to my life, but it definitely took me a few mistakes to learn, and even still, I feel like i’m still learning :3

      • negative people??..we’re on the same wavelength, annie…
        i have one or two in my life…would you believe ive told them to their faces how much grief they cause me…but they just carry on…!

      • haha! right on for expressing your feelings! It’s too bad though, that they couldn’t change. Ahh well their loss. But yay! glad to have the confirmation that there are people who are riding the same wave as me. Sometimes I wish everyone could be, but I guess that would make life boring…;P

      • Haha, I use to live in Edmonton, Alberta! I visited Vancouver and Quebec when I was little. It was unfortunate that I could not speak speak french tho :3 Definitely would love to go back to Canada someday. It is a beautiful country, and I do miss it from time to time…

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